Treatment for Hair Loss in Men

One of the most important aspects of beauty for man is his hair. Thick black lushly hair not only creates beauty but adds to his confidence also. At the same time a receding hairline or baldness tarnishes a man's self image and confidence.

Excessive hair loss creates anxiety in most men. The emotional distress is sometimes so bad that he may even suffer from depression. Hair loss is an important health issue that no man should ignore. Hair grows in a cyclic manner ? growth, rest and fall out.

This cycle is repeated yearly. Shedding of 50 ? 100 hairs a day is quiet normal and is replaced. But when the count increases, it becomes a great matter of concern. There are many reasons for hair loss ? medication, stress, hair styling and lack of iron. Aging also contributes to hair loss, as people age, the rate of hair growth slows down. Learning how to prevent hair loss benefits a man in his overall well being.

There are many hair loss prevention products available that help to overcome this problem. Apart from this, there are many hair loss treatments available in the market. The latest one is hair replacement surgery that includes four different types of replacement methods ? hair transplantation; tissue expansion; flap surgery; and scalp reduction. Non-surgical hair loss treatments for man based on medication are also available. Finasteride and Minoxidil are two drugs generally used in men for hair loss treatment. Besides medicines, there is many other hair care products available in the market for balding men, some of them claim to be hair loss prevention products, and hair growth products for men as well as women.

These cosmetic products offer a satisfactory hair loss solution and help to bring back the tarnished self-image. Some of the cosmetic companies have also come up with special hair loss products for balding men. Although modern science and technology has helped us to overcome hair problems, the resulting side effects of these drugs motivate us towards Mother Nature.

Natural care and hair loss remedies help us to beautify our hair without side effects.

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