Different Types of Panic Attacks Exposed

There are different types of panic attacks, each implying different level of association with panic disorder and therefore different means of treatment. Before we move further, let us first look at the difference between anxiety and panic. We tend to, in our daily life, use these two terms interchangeably without thinking about their subtle difference. Sure, these two have lots of in common with respect to their symptoms, but panic attacks usually last only a short while, though more intense.

As a contrast, anxiety strikes you more gradually, is less intense, but lasts longer. Based on whether a panic attack connects to a triggering situation and how it connects to such situations, panic attacks are grouped into three types: 1. Unexpected Panic Attacks This type of attack is often associated with panic disorder. It occurs spontaneously without any clear reasons, and irrespective of whether you are relaxing or working. This means that we can hardly relate the occurrence of a spontaneous attack to any specific situation or place. As you may have seen in the movies, people can be awakened from sleep with this type of attack.

2. Situationally-bound Panic Attacks As its name suggests, this type of panic attack is triggered by a specific situation. For example, if you fear flying or public speaking, exposure to these situations will result in immediate panic attacks. This 'prompted' attack is rarely found in people with panic disorder.

3. Situationally-predisposed Panic Attacks This type of panic attack is similar to the above one in that it is also triggered by a specific situation. However, the difference is that the attacks only sometimes occur and may not always occur immediately after exposure to the feared situation. For example, if flying is your feared situation, there are times when you take a flight without having a panic attack. In other times, however, your panic attack may start after your journey is over for some time.

In other words, you are predisposed to having attacks while taking flights, but the attacks are not a sure response to the fear of flying. People with panic disorder may experience this type of attack. Among all types of panic attacks, some are merely phobias over a specific thing but others may be pathological illnesses. It is reported that approximately 19 million people in the United States are panic attack sufferers and they experience a variety of symptoms during panic attacks.

Many, however, do not take panic attacks seriously or believe they deserve treatment as a medical condition. It is true that many people who have experience of panic attacks never have further episodes or complications. However, you should keep in mind that chronic occurrence of panic attacks can be a sign of panic disorder, which deserve immediate medical help. Quite often, major disorders could prevent a sufferer from pursuing normal daily routines. Dependent on the different types and levels of panic attacks, the actual medical treatments vary. Those commonly used ways of treament include traditional medicine, behavorial therapy, and alternative medicines.

In many other instances, however, people are able to live with their panic attacks or use self-help techniques to get out of the situations. Copyright (c) 2008 Sandy Adamson.

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