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Oprah's Favorite Things Hits Big This Holiday Season
by Shelly Lowery

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most popular talk show hosts in American television history. As her show enters its 21rst season, she has millions of viewers who tune in each day. One of her most popular segments is her "Favorite Things" holiday show. During this show, Oprah shares with the studio and television audience some of her favorite things including jewelry, gadgets and vacation getaways.

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Celebrities Know what's Best for You
by Steve Sommers

We're all getting used to the sight of Irish Rock Star Bono of U2 parading the globe in the company of serious men who take him very seriously. The present US Secretary of Commerce, John Snow, and a former one, Paul O' Neil, both give him high marks for his intelligence and thorough grasp of world wide economics. Right now, several African nations are prospering after having their international debts relieved as a result of Bono's promotion of this solution. So here's the question: Why Bono?

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Sports Athletes

The All Time Greatest Soccer Player
by James Hunt
The sport of soccer, known as football to most of the world, has produced some great soccer players over the past years. Perhaps the most famous of all is Pelé, who amazed the world with his incredible ability to maneuver the ball in a way it hadn't been done before. Pelé retired more than twenty five years ago but he is still a household name on the lips of soccer players and fans around the world. His story of rising from poverty in Brazil to soccer superstar is a source of inspiration for young soccer players everywhere.

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World Leaders

Executive Coaching and the American President by Stephanie Tuia
Becoming the 43rd president of the United States, President Bush worked hard to be where he is at today. It is no question, that to become president, he was groomed with executive coaching throughout his years of experience in politics and business. Before politics, he was a successful Texas businessman in the oil business. In 1988, he helped his father run a successful presidential campaign to become the 41st U.S. President. In 1994, Bush was elected the governor of Texas for two consecutive terms.

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