The Problem with Most Diet Plans

Statistics tell us that ninety three percent of all dieters inevitably fail in the long run. Why do you suppose that this is? Experts state that there are actually a wide variety of reasons. The main reason, however, is that when a diet plan is over, it is over. The Diet plan authors take their money and leave you at your ideal weight. After this point, you are on your own and must keep the weight off without help.

There is no slow weaning into your new life, no gradual process. You are simply thrust back into the world you knew. This is where 90 percent of dieters in general end up putting the weight back on and have to start all over again.

The Solution The staff at Medifast realizes that this is the one of the largest issues in weight loss, and has taken great care to avoid this problem. They have taken a vow to not abandon the dieter at the end of the plan, but to provide a solution that will last for the entirety of your life. On top of this, the Medifast diet isn't one of those diets where one has to change his or her entire life just to lose weight.

How Medifast Works The manner in which this diet operates is quite simple, yet extremely effective. It works on what is commonly referred to as a five and one plan. This process consists of actually eating six full meals a day, five of which are Medifast meals and one that is referred to as a "lean and green" meal.

Realizing that everyone has their own particular tastes and opinions as to what constitutes a good meal, Medifast supplies over sixty varieties of meals for the dieter to consume. Among the tasty treats that the dieter gets to partake of are shakes, oatmeal, eggs, pudding and soups, to name just a select few! Of course, the daily lean and green meal is just as one would think, consisting of lean meats and/or salad, vegetables, and or fruits. One of the many reasons why the Medifast diet plan has gained such notoriety and proven so effective is that human beings are creatures of instinct beyond all else. When we are hungry, we instinctively seek food.

With the Medifast diet plan, the dieter eats every two or three hours, therefore never actually becoming hungry. Dieting Versus Living Fit Dieting is basically just another name for living a healthy lifestyle. Medifast prefers to see utilize this aspect instead of that of temporarily losing weight.

This is why it is referred to as the Medifast plan as opposed to Medifast diet. At some point along the way, you will ultimately reach your ideal weight. At this point Medifast will direct you from weight loss to a transition phase, and then to an easy maintenance and exercise program that will fit perfectly into your current lifestyle, and insure that you keep your weight where you want it for the entirety of your life.

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