The Importance of Workplace Drug Testing in the Service Industry

A healthy, safe, and engaging work environment is one of the most critical requirements for employers and their employees. The ability for personnel to compose themselves as part of your company's workforce is essential in promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of you company. However, of all the current issues under constant discussion, drug testing is one procedure that is often overlooked.

More often than not, drug testing could be the line between a positive workforce and discouraged and wasteful employees. Drug testing ensures that such costs are accounted including the health and well-being of its employees. The service industry continues to be the most vulnerable business sector in case of drug dependent employees. Impairment due to drug abuse puts critical service providers in direct contact as seen with teachers, caregivers, and nurses. The constant human interaction required for service personnel along with the critically skilled procedures that only these jobs can do makes drug testing in the workplace a relevant policy for companies.

These jobs are classified as safety-sensitive positions or human-intensive services. Employees in the public sector with the prime responsibility to ensure public safety such as law enforcers, firemen, and other public servant should also be included in the loop of workplace drug testing. The Service Industry The service industry especially in the health sector continues to be one of the most sensitive jobs today. With the rising demand for health workers and nurses due to an again baby-boom population, workforce in the health industry is increasing while showing no signs of slowdown. Therefore, stringent measures are required to make sure that every health worker is not only highly capable and well educated. In addition, standard drug tests are appropriate to ensure a healthy and clean labor service sector with high integrity.

Drug dependent employees in highly sensitive service industries could mean life and death for their charges. A missed dose by a sickly elder or incapability of physicians or doctors in diagnosis and in the operating table provides a basis for stringent drug testing policies. Drug problems in organizations can be manifested in various forms.

These include absenteeism, liability and insurance, product or service issues, worker's compensation claim, accidents, rising health care costs, cost for replacing damaged equipment and inventory, and cost of work spoilage. The occurrence of these events can affect all segments of the workforce. The core of all of these is that the importance of workplace drug testing in the service industry is emphasized because each member of the workforce is responsible for someone person's life. The weight of such responsibilities shows that any danger or harm posed to drug dependent employees could also mean the safety of their patients. Drug testing as a tool to increase control and productivity within the health services is more urgent and necessary compared to other sectors.

Article writes by Lena Butler, Corporate Drug Testing in various industries, a longer version is located at The Importance of Workplace Drug Testing in the Service Industry, and resources from other home health and wellness testing sources are used such as Employee Drug Testing Program

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