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Invented in France makes it more or less 20 years and has been called since then as the "morning-after pill ", The" pill of death "and" human pesticide ". And I receive this news with sadness because the macabre French invention has killed so many creatures in countries such as England, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, China and France itself, whose laws have allowed the extent that its use has provided me seemed comparable to the worst form of human extermination or the worst of the follies of man against man. Indeed, the fact that abortion with this method appears in the eyes of the world as less bloody, more unnoticed or "more humane" than the surgical abortion only represents for me one of the most heartless and evil evil Product . It is something like taking advantage of ignorance on the subject of the beginning of life to confuse and induce acceptance of the pill, to the point of giving the appearance of harmless and fully compatible with the moral issue. The very fact of being a pill to be taken on the first day of delay menstruation, so that it reaches "smoothly", gives the appearance of being a naive medicine against menstrual delay and not a chemical to produce the abortion without surgery, which leaves many men and reassured many women who prefer to deceive and not think they have killed their babies.

What baby? "If even the embryo has been nested there is no baby!" Say many. But yes. Yes there are baby in those days. Yes there is a human life that is developing and it will be a man or a woman as their parents. It is absurd to have to fend for scientific arguments to say this, but for the sake of discussion let me quote one of the many wise men who know the subject, as Gonzalo Miranda, a professor of Bioethics of the Regina Apostolorum University in Rome: "Since he joined the two genetic loads, and is determined to be the new, and even their sexual identity: he or she is. There is a definitive moment of pregnancy, in which there is a new existence, a new presence "is already there.

" Indeed: scientifically, a living being is an organic system that has begun its life cycle and that it has not ended yet, and whose different parts form a whole. " It is true that the world is producing something like 50 million surgical abortions per year of which approximately half (25 million) are illegal and produce the deaths of about 200000 women a year, but these are not reasons enough to allow the annihilation of just a human baby. Admittedly, this is prohibited abortion, will continue to be practised and will thus still be placed at risk the lives of many mothers. All that is true. But I assure you that none of these arguments for having refused to serve you, when you were even a simple embryo, the opportunity to be here and see how beautiful it is God's work.

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