Taking A Look At An Affordable Biofeedback System

People have been utilizing and hearing about biofeedback for over forty years. However, until recently, many people were not able to afford this type of alternative therapy because the cost of hiring a biofeedback therapist, with their expensive equipment, was just out of reach. But, in the last several years, a new type of biofeedback system has been introduced by a few companies, which has provided access at a dramatically reduced cost, making this type of therapy available to a much broader range of people.

There are a number of companies now that have taken advantage of the recent developments in technology to provide biofeedback machines at a much reduced cost and some might be surprised to learn that these companies have even made a game out of it. For example, the Wild Divine biofeedback computer game engages a persons attention and draws them into the challenge of the diversion, just like any other video game.

Unlike an expensive, medical biofeedback system, the Wild Divine biofeedback gaming console has a distinct twist that will surprise most people. While it does include software that runs on your computer, the unique aspect to this computer game is that there is no joystick to control and you dont use your mouse or keyboard to interact while playing the game.

Instead, the Wild Divine software package includes a set of finger sensors that slip onto three of your fingers. These sensors are attached to a small biofeedback device which then plugs into the USB port on your computer. The game is not controlled by the motion of your fingers, but instead it reads the electrical impulses being sent through your fingers as a result of changes in your brainwave patterns, making this a true biofeedback game.

This game approach is quite unlike the kind of biofeedback system that you would find in a clinic, which you might visit to receive a neurofeedback therapy session.

Traditional biofeedback machines show a series of charts, graphs, lights and other readouts and also often incorporate sounds, which is what displays the all-important feedback information.

But with the Wild Divine biofeedback game, the feedback that the user receives is all in terms of an adventure video game. By the use of thoughts to control brainwave function, the electrical impulses are changed, sent through the small biofeedback device attached, to your personal computer and the game responds accordingly. You are able to move through a variety of levels that present increasingly difficult challenges, which you must meet with improved control over your brainwave activity.

With the costs of neurotherapy being prohibitively high for so many people, even for those who are extremely interested in taking advantage of the benefits of this holistic treatment modality, the Wild Divine biofeedback gaming console has been quickly embraced. The Wild Divine system is quite inexpensive and the basic starter kit includes the software and all needed accessories to start making use of this unique form of a biofeedback system.


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