Proven Ways To Fight Acne

Millions of people around the world are affected by acne. The condition can range from mild to severe scarring and it can affect a person's confidence and self esteem. Acne is also a skin condition that doesn't discriminate. It affects anyone regardless of race, age and sex.

Teens and adults are affected by acne. If you are affected with acne, you would probably have tested many acne products and most of them do not work. In reality, most of the acne creams in the market today work the opposite of what they claim to do -instead of getting rid of acne, they can make your acne problem worse. If you want truly effective acne cure, take the following 6 tips : 1. Cleanse your skin gently Wash your face with a gentle acne cleanser and don't rub too hard on the skin.

Do not use soap as it can be too harsh. It is best to choose a gentle cleanser made for acne prone skin. 2. Reduce excess oil When the oil glands on our skin produce too much oil, it can clog the pores.

You can choose an astringent to help control oil on the skin. This will reduce the breakouts and keep excess oil under control. 3.

Do not touch the acne If you see a pimple on your face, resist the urge to squeeze it or pop it. If you pop a pimple, it runs the risk of getting more infection as well as leaving acne scars. 4. Get the right makeup.

It is best to avoid using makeup if you have acne. But if you have to, then choose an oil free and non comedogenic makeup. 5. Shaving Men who are affected with acne have to be careful not to cut on the pimples and spread the bacteria.

It is better to use a razor as opposed to an electric shaver as there is more tendency to spread the infection from using electric shavers. 6 Get sufficient sunlight Sunlight is good for our skin. However, if you're exposing your skin to sunlight for long periods because you think your acne is going to be less noticeable on darker skin, you're dead wrong. Too much exposure to sunlight can skin cancer and damage your skin. Always use an oil free sun block that is at least SPF 30 for maximum benefit.

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