Important Steps To Take In Preparing For a Knee Replacement Surgery

In severe cases, a total knee replacement surgery can be performed in order to allow for more range of motion and to mimic natural function of the knee joint. Diseased cartilage and bone can be removed in this procedure. Often times, the back of the knee cap, the upper shin bone, and the lower thigh bone can all be resurfaced in this procedure. How Should You Prepare for Surgery? It is no doubt that a knee replacement surgery can be important, but equally important are the other actions you take before your surgery. Key information is found in the next section that describes how you can optimize your recovery. It is important that you communicate with your physician and his/her support staff what devices you will be needing when you are discharged from the hospital.

Your hospital may have classes regarding your knee surgery available to you prior to your stay in the hospital. At this class you can speak with nurses and therapists regarding your various questions and needs. One key reminder about these recommended products,.often times, you can obtain medical products online at much steeper discounts than you would through conventional medical product vendors at the hospital. Keep this in mind! It is important to note that you should analyze not only the potential benefits of a knee surgery, but also the potential risks. A pre-operative coversation with your physician and his/her team will be very helpful.

Also, ask to speak with someone else who has undergone the same procedure with the same physician prior to your surgery. Do yourself a favor and ask for this information. Physical aliments and significant medical history such as fever and infections (etc.) should be discussed with your physician and/or surgeon. Medications you are taking and medications that you are allergic to are important to communicate to your physician as well. If there is a loss of blood, which can happen with any surgery, your physician may recommend that you donate some of your own blood several weeks before your surgery.

Your physician and his/her team can instruct you about where and when you can donate blood. Make sure the orthopedist performing the surgery is board-certified, which can be determined by calling the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery at 919-929-7103. Once your surgery takes place you will definately need support. Among the products that your physician and his/her team may recommend is a post-operative hinged knee brace. The purpose of the knee brace is to help stabilize your knee directly after surgery. This post op knee brace usually involves the use of an adjustable locking mechanism, that can allow varying degrees of flextion or hold your leg straight if need be.

Usually, as you recover, your physician will allow for more knee flexion, but directly after your surgery, the knee may need to be kept in pure extension (totally straight). It is always important to speak with your doctor about when to wear your brace, and for which activity levels you should use it for as well. A post operative knee brace can provide meaningul support and prove to be a great asset. The DonJoy IROM Knee Brace can provide you the support you need in these instances, and via our website, you can purchase this brace and save you several hundred dollars over that of a brace you receive by other vendors.

If you would like to decrease pain while increasing your stability, you should visit Dr. Brace Co. online. Check us out at , if you would like to be provided a brace by a real brace professional, instead of the swarms of bogus online brace salesmen that are selling you things they know nothing about!

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