How do you know its time for surgery

The important factor that makes you know the answer of "How do you know It's time for surgery???" is your ages!!! Your suitable choosing period will make you get the most benefit and successful in surgery. So if you plan to do surgery so you should read below. Brow The suitable age's period to do brow surgery should be over than 35 years old.

Because the wrinkly around your brow still not be the permanent wrinkly until your ages go to nearly 40 years old or over. Hand Normally the high electric technology or Lasers Surgery is used to remove your black or brown spots on your hand. The suitable age's period to do hand surgery should be over then 50 years old.

Eye Eyes are still the favor organ that many persons agree to pay more money to do surgery. Eyes surgery can remove all wrinkly around your eyes. The suitable age's period to this procedure should be over than19 years old. Including eyelid surgery is also favor, and the suitable age's period to this procedure should be over than 50 years old Face Normally our face skin still has good flexibility on age's period 40-45 years old. So the suitable age's period to face surgery or face lifting should be around 45 years old.

Hip and Thigh surgery The most patient who do hip and Thigh surgery have age not below than 30 year olds. But infact consuming the nutrient food and exercising are the best way to do to make you have firm Hip and Thigh. Nose Nose surgery will have most benefit for the young and the suitable age's period to this procedure should be over 20 years old. Lip We can separate the patients to 2 groups because they have different requirement. The first group is the patients who need to have the freshly thick lip and the second group is the patients who need to have the thin lip which has more volume than the first group. And the suitable age's period to Lip surgery should be over than 37 years old.

Chest surgery This procedure is not be recommended for the under 18 years old. Because their chest still not stop growing and developing completely. So the patients should have age around 25-28 years olds for enhancement procedure and the suitable age's period to do chest lifting surgery should be over 37 years old. Abdominal The suitable age's period to do abdominal surgery should be over 35 years old. But this procedure is not recommended for the women who still not stop to have child because pregnancy will make the abdominal skin have line again.

However the most important is every procedure always has benefits and risk even if surgery can make you have good appearance but there're many person find the bad result form this technology. So, Taking care your beauty by natural way is the best and safety things to do for everyone. Copyright (c) 2008 John Nolan.

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