Hair Loss Thyroid Problems

Today there could be several reasons as to why you may be starting to lose your hair even if you are young. Certainly, one of the most common reasons is because of hormonal changes taking place in your body. Whilst others could be because you do not have sufficient nutrients in your diet or you are under extreme amounts of stress (mental and physical). Finally, it could be because you have some underlying medical condition that you do not know about. One particular condition which seems to be an underlying cause for hair loss is the thyroid gland malfunctioning. In this article, we explain a bit about the way in which thyroid problems can affect the growth of a person's hair.

In addition, we also look at ways of tackling any kind of hair loss that is associated with such medical problems. Anyone who suffers from either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism has a much greater chance of losing his or her hair. The simple reason for this is that the hormonal changes taking place in their bodies cause the process of hair regrowth to either slow down or stop altogether. What these particular medical conditions will do when working incorrectly the thyroid gland actually forces the hair follicles to remain in the dormant phase of the growth process.

When this occurs it will lead to new hair growing not being allowed and will eventually lead to the person actually losing their hair. Luckily, there are things that a person can do which can help to tackle this particular problem. Below we offer a couple of tips that should help you if you suffer from any kind of thyroid problem and find that you are starting to lose your hair. Tip 1 - It is important that the first step you should take is to obtain the right diagnosis for your condition.

Just because you are losing your hair does not necessarily mean you have a thyroid problem. So seek the assistance of a good dermatologist, hair loss expert, or a doctor who deals in hair loss issues. Tip 2 - If you do have a thyroid problem and are already taking medication in order to help treat the condition, it may be wise to check out what side effects if any are associated with the drug you are taking.

For example Synthroid, which is taken by many today, has one known side effect, namely hair loss. If you are taking this, or a drug that is similar, it would be wise to go back to your doctor and explain the situation and they may provide you with a different course of treatment. Above we have given you an explanation as to why hair loss and thyroid problems are associated and what you could do in order to prevent your problems from getting any worse.

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