Acne Products Short Reviews

It is only by researching on the various options available that one can arrive at a decision about the quality, economy and efficiency of an acne product meant to provide relief to acned skin. Internal medication using Accutane (brand name for Isotretinoin) is considered to be an aggressive conventional treatment. Benzoyl Peroxide is the topical medicine of choice for acne. Almost all the various acne products make use of these in their formulations. Reviewing some of the most popular acne products will reveal much regarding their composition, effectiveness and popularity.

Acuzine or Acnezine are for internal medication which are prepared from natural ingredients. These are arguably the most popular and they guarantee results within 6 months or 180 days. Among the other well researched brands on offer, the Derma Cleanse range offers natural treatment to acne. There are topical creams in this range which aim at unclogging pores and treat acne. Besides there are herbal tablets which purify the system from within along with essential vitamins - all of which help fight the harmful bacteria causative of acne. These are easy to use and very effective too.

The active ingredients of this product are 0.5% Salicylic acid and herbs. This includes a range consisting of capsules, application gels, cleansing gels and information guide regarding the product. It provides an all round acne treatment- both internal and external.

A third highly rated product is the Proactiv Solution range of topical lotions containing Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%). There are cleansers, toners lotions and even oil free moisturizers with sun guards in the range. These cleanse the pores of the skin well yet cause the minimum dryness.

A guide about the products also comes alongside. Both Derma Cleanse and Proactiv Solution provide a 6 month guarantee for results. Even if the popular products like Proactiv are found to be harsh the herbal products like Exposed can be suitably opted for. These purely herbal products are found to be remarkably free from side effects of any kind. Various essential oils, vitamins and herbal extracts are used in the formulation of these products. St.

Ives is a premier provider of beauty products based on select herbs and the choicest ingredients. There are similar other brands like Desert essence, Kiss My Face, Burt Bees, PhytoMe and Bio Skin Care which are very popular. These offer a whole range of cleansers, toners/astringent lotions, exfoliating scrubs etc.

especially for cleansing pores. Like all herbal products these have also been found to be mild yet effective on acne and they moisturize and provide nourishment to the skin and bring it to glow.

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